Our Campus is Alive!

With over 30 clubs and recreational organizations, our students always enjoy an active campus environment outside of our kitchens and classrooms.

We encourage our students to join as many student organizations as they like so that they can explore famous restaurants, hotels, pastry shops, and local wineries. Our clubs enable students to network with industry leaders and build their résumés. Students participate in local and national culinary arts competitions, attend national and regional trade shows, and lend a hand at charity fundraising events. They also assist visiting chefs in the kitchens and take part in banquets, dinners, and promotional events at the College.

Students receive Student Life & Learning Points for the majority of sponsored events, club meetings, and service opportunities they attend. At the end of every academic term, the students with the most points are recognized for their school pride and leadership at an award ceremony. To keep track of points, students may download our Student Life & Learning Points Sheet.