Student Tastings Event: Honey

Winter Break (Students)

The last day of classes before winter break is Friday, December 22. Residence Halls close at noon on Saturday, December 23 and will reopen at 10am on Sunday, January 7. Classes resume on Monday, January 8. Enjoy your winter break!

Student Life & Learning Points Awards Party

Summer Institute 2017 Reunion (Admissions/HS Recruitment)

Discount Movie Night: IT (Student Life)

Anti-Bullying Campaign (Student Life)

Olive Oil Tasting (Student Life)

Life hacks for culinary and hospitality students

By Cecelia Johnson-Chavis Here are a few tips gathered from some of the Walnut Hill College community to make life a little easier! 1) Mixing bowls stuck together? There’s no sense in trying to pry them open with all of your strength. Instead, wedge one side of a pair of […]

Student Leader Serving Tray Relay Race

Student Leader Alumni Dinner

Please contact Joshua Seery for more details on this event.