An International College Student Experience

Nov 10, 2016Student Leadership Development Institute

By Kenan Rabah Leaving your hometown and moving to the big city for college is a very big step and hard decision to make. However, imagine the struggle of these students who left their countries and moved to the other part of the earth, just to fulfill their dreams, get […]

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How to create a Restaurant grade menu €¦

Nov 07, 2016Student Leadership Development Institute

By Kevin Ellul Creating a menu takes a lot of time and thought as you need to be creative, articulate, and generally simplistic. Saying this, your customers should be able to read your menu with no problem; articulating vocabulary to the simplest form for better understanding. Throughout this article, I […]

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Think Outside the Line: Cooking is more than just the restaurant scene

Nov 01, 2016Student Leadership Development Institute

By Kristine Alfes Every time I go out, meeting either family, new friends, or talking to anyone else outside of school, I get asked the same question constantly: €œwhat restaurant are you working at now? € It becomes awkward when I have to correct them and say that I €™m […]

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