Matthew Cowles

B.S. in Culinary Arts Candidate, Graduating July 2018

Matthew Cowles is a proud member of the Student Leadership Development Institute. After completing his associate degree in Culinary Arts, he looks forward to the upcoming trials of the bachelor program and is always excited to learn something new and experience something different. Before attending Walnut Hill College, he attended Delaware County Community College. While attending school, he acquired a job at DiBruno Brothers, where he has worked for over six years learning the different departments.

Matthew inherited his passion for cooking from his mother. Before he could even walk, he was on the kitchen counter getting his fingers dirty. Matthew credits his mother for always supporting him in his passion, even when he did not believe in himself. She taught him that a good meal can brighten anyone’s day. It is not about just the food; it is also about the people you are with and the smile you put on their face. Matthew wants to bring that philosophy with him everywhere he goes.