Gabriella Westraadt

B.S. in Pastry Arts Candidate, Graduating March 2020

Growing up in South Africa, Gabriella Westraadt lived in a household with her mother and grandmother, who represent two generations of accomplished home cooks, and her father, who is a trained chef. Food was always a huge part of Gabby’s life. Whenever possible, she spent many hours each day in the family restaurant, learning from her dad and the others chefs. It wasn’t until Gabby moved to Philadelphia and became an au pair for a family in the city that she participated in a Walnut Hill College artisan bread baking class. This class so shaped her life that she enrolled in the college full time as a Pastry Arts student. Now working on her bachelor’s degree at Walnut Hill College, Gabby looks forward to expanding her knowledge of pastry and interning with Starr Events Catering Group.