Walnut Hill College Recipe E-Books

Walnut Hill College presents our beautifully designed and curated recipe books for your reading and cooking pleasure. Our Chefs, Faculty, Staff, and Administrators collaborated to bring you their favorite recipes from Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Healthy Cooking, and Comfort Foods. 

We look forward to bringing you more complimentary recipe books in the coming months and hope to see your dishes! Make sure to tag @walnuthillcollege in your posts on Instagram and Facebook to show off your delicious creations. 

Thanksgiving celebration 2020: A collection of recipes, memories, and more

We are thrilled to present a special gift for you: Thanksgiving Celebration: A Collection of Recipes, Memories, and More. This gift to you is extra-special considering that every single faculty, administrator, and staff member submitted recipes as a gift to you this holiday season, and we mean EVERYONE! From our deans to our retail clerks and purchasing staff, we’re thrilled to have an incredible 100% participation from our WHC family.

This Thanksgiving holiday is truly a time to give thanks and express gratitude. This is our way of thanking you for sharing your goals and dreams with us; earning your degree and launching amazing careers. This year, all of us have been feeling the extra challenge. What better way to renew our collective-pledge than to focus on you and your career.

Holiday Celebration 2020: A Collection of Recipes, Memories, and More

Once again, we’ve asked our talented Chefs, Faculty, and Administrators to share their favorite recipes with our Walnut Hill College community. Everyone at WHC not only works in the food and hospitality industry but, we also live it!

We are the food-obsessed, farm-to-table-eating, gotta-try-it-all, self-proclaimed-foodies who can’t get enough and want to share our love with all of you. We hope you enjoy these recipes and if you do, please share this book with your loved ones..and if you make a recipe, share and tag us in your post!

Bistro Perrier Sept Poissons 2020

Each Christmas Eve Italian-Americans celebrate with a special dinner “The Feast of the Seven Fishes”… This year, in honor of our renowned Master-in-Residence, Chef Georges Perrier, my creative colleagues, Meghan Bloome and Todd Braley, credited a beautiful keep-sake e-book Bistro Perrier Sept Poissons” as a French version of the seven-fish dinner.

Special Note:

Yes, on page 13 that is Georges Perrier serving Julia Child, at the home of a dear friend, Chef Esther Press. And that is me in the background talking with the owner of Le Bus, David Braverman. David is also a graduate. During that very special evening, Esther invited the “crème de la crème” to her home to dine with Julia Child. In looking at the galaxy of stars gathered at Esther’s beautiful home, I realized “There is no reason for anyone to go to dinner tonight because every great chef is here!”.

13 Days (A Baker’s Dozen) of Christmas Cookies 2020

Holiday Centerpiece Digital Tutorial

If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your holiday table this year, look no further than to nature! Check out our Holiday Centerpiece Tutorial to get some ideas on what you can do with your table – large or small,  your family will appreciate your effort! 

A Christmas Wish List from Staff and Faculty of Walnut Hill College

During this special time of year, we all have happy thoughts about gift-giving, receiving, and sharing well-wishes with family and friends. We asked our faculty, administrators, and staff, what special gifts they would love to receive and more so what “caring gift” they would like to give or receive this holiday season. Just as I did, you will find the responses fun and charming. More so, when asked about “caring” the team at Walnut Hill College truly defines the spirit of hospitality!

New Year’s Eve Celebration Recipes 2020

As the new year approaches, everyone in the world has many reasons to celebrate; a year filled with hope, promises, and great health. There is no better way to celebrate a new beginning than with delicious food and great hospitality. Our fantastic Student Life team along with our faculty and staff have created a 34-page book featuring recipes for wonderful beverages, savory bites, and sweet treats.

Healthy Cooking & Lifestyle 2021

2021; this new year is the beginning of new goals and achievements, and a return to those dreams and missions that guided us through 2020. Everyone in the Walnut Hill College community has similar goals for the new year; to be healthy and create a revived lifestyle. One of the greatest enhancements to our health will be to reaffirm our studies and investment in our careers. Look ahead and notice there is nothing stopping you now. 2021 – here we come!

Comfort Food Favorites: A Collection of Recipes, memories, and more

There is something extra-special for how each of us thinks about as “comfort-food”. For most, the notion of comfort food includes warming soups, rich and delicious stews, and toothsome desserts. As well, foods elevated to your own level of “comfort” include those that nurtured you; perhaps when you were a child, perhaps foods that your family truly enjoys, perhaps even a newly discovered recipe that you mastered. However you define comfort, this winter, we wish you many meals of comforting food and an abundance of comfort!