Before their first week of classes, new students engage in the immersive adventures known as Welcome Home and Orientation!

welcome home

Welcome Home takes place at the beginning of every September term and includes a weekend of events for students moving onto our campus. Please view the Moving In page for information on how to prepare prior to your arrival.

freshman orientation

Freshman Orientation overflows with exciting activities and information sessions to help all of our new students make friends and acclimate quickly to life on campus. You’ll attend information sessions with others in your major so that your introduction to the College is truly unique to your interests. During these sessions, you’ll learn all about your specific degree program as well as our academic resources, tuition-paid travel, and career services.

For more information on what to expect at Orientation, read our First Class FAQs.

Have specific questions about moving in or Freshman Orientation? Contact your admissions representative by calling (267) 295-2311.