Future bakery owners and pastry chefs will find the path to sweet success in our Associate of Science in Pastry Arts program.

Introductory-level courses include Pastry Techniques, Professional Bread Baking, and Cake Baking and Decorating. Students then progress to more specialized courses such as Chocolate and Candies, European Tortes and Gateaux, and Wedding Cakes. General Education and Certification classes complement these courses by offering students instruction in related subjects such as Supervision, Nutrition, Sanitation, Cost Accounting, and Composition. Upon completion of the associate degree, students will be prepared for entry-level positions in pastry shops, independent or retail bakeries, and other foodservice facilities.

Preview our Pastry Arts Associate Curriculum.

Tuition-paid travel

Walnut Hill College tops off an excellent pastry education with a week-long, gastronomic tour of France. A.S. in Pastry Arts students dine in the finest restaurants in France, explore the charm of Europe, and interact with French industry professionals who have elevated cuisine and hospitality to an art form.


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The Bachelor of Science in Pastry Arts is designed for students interested in pursuing careers as pastry cooks, pastry chefs, and retail or wholesale bakers.

The program builds upon the associate degree program by offering more advanced Pastry Arts courses and more in-depth academic classes. Advanced courses such as The Art of the Chocolatier, Artisan Breads, Contemporary Dessert Styling, and Advanced Sugar and Confections give students the opportunity to develop their pastry and decorating skills more fully. Meanwhile, the upper-level academic classes focus on teaching students the administrative, organizational, and leadership skills necessary for a successful career in the hospitality industry. Upon completion of the program, students will be prepared to work in the industry as entry-level pastry chefs, retail or wholesale bakers, and entrepreneurs.

Here’s a sneak preview of our Pastry Arts Bachelor Curriculum. Students in our associate degree program may submit our  Bachelor of Science Degree Application.

Tuition-paid travel

Every bachelor’s student receives the rewarding opportunity to go on an eight-day tour of England. On their journey, students take in the country’s rich history and sights, enjoy English cuisine at esteemed restaurants, and interact with some of England’s most respected leaders in the culinary and hospitality fields.