Advice for your trips to France, Florida and the Bahamas

Nov 30, 2018Student Leadership Development Institute

By Katie Smith, Rachel Bland, Patrick Gendaszek, and Morgan Getler It’s an exciting time of year for many of the Sophomore 3s… it’s time to start getting ready for your trips! These trips are unique experiences that will stay with you for the rest of your life, where you will […]

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Freshman Showcase October 2018: Advice for the first-term freshmen

Oct 17, 2018Student Leadership Development Institute

By Mercy Tolbert, Omar Diaz, Kierstin Jester, and Victoria Green I remember my Freshman Showcase very well, as it was a special and fun day. Not only did it happen to be on my 19th birthday, but I got to interact with my peers and chefs, and it was so […]

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Advice for first-term freshmen at Walnut Hill College

Sep 17, 2018Student Leadership Development Institute

By Carli Caroselli, Stephanie Sinclair, Gabriella Westraadt, and Caitlin Hedrich The first term here at Walnut Hill College can be intimidating, so my fellow student leaders and I decided to write our first blog about advice for being a successful student during the first term. I think one of the […]

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