Our industry inspiration

Mar 02, 2018Student Leadership Development Institute

By Kim Stefanelli, Kierstin Jester, and Caitlin Hedrich From left to right: Caitlin Hedrich, Kim Stefanelli, and Kierstin Jester Since I was young, I’ve always been glued to the TV watching Food Network. At first, I would always watch with my mom, who then decided to start trying to recreate […]

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Where we come from

Feb 23, 2018Student Leadership Development Institute

As Walnut Hill College (sadly) prepares to say goodbye to another group of graduates this March, some of our Student Leaders take a moment to reflect on why they chose to study and work in the foodservice and hospitality industry and what (thankfully) led them here. By Steven Benton, Victoria […]

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6 signs you should invest in culinary school

Feb 12, 2018Culinary Arts

No one is naturally an expert in culinary arts. However, if you have raw talent and an interest in cooking as a profession, then receiving technical training may be just what you need to take your skills to the next level and propel yourself into a rewarding career. Still on […]

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