Let’s make some jam!

Mar 28, 2018Student Leadership Development Institute

By Matthew Cowles, Rachel Bland, and David Brophy From left to right: Rachel Bland, Matthew Cowles, and David Brophy Many a time during the summer or some off time, we find ourselves looking for something to do. We tend to cook during our free time, experimenting with new recipes. So […]

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Walnut Hill College marks Women’s History Month with first woman chairperson

Mar 28, 2018WHC News

As part of its efforts to empower more women in the male-dominated culinary industry, The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College has elected Irene Rothschild as the first woman chairperson of its Board of Trustees. The announcement comes at the close of Women’s History Month, during which other women leaders at […]

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Our first term as Student Leaders

Mar 09, 2018Student Leadership Development Institute

By Patrick Gendaszek, Mercy Tolbert, and Stephanie Sinclair From left to right: Stephanie Sinclair, Patrick Gendaszek, and Mercy Tolbert Looking back on my first term as a Student Leader, I think about all the excitement I had for things like Welcome Home (freshman move-in weekend) and the group work of […]

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