Kristine Alfes

Alumna, A.S./B.S. in Culinary Arts

Kristine Alfes is an alumna of Walnut Hill College and the Student Leadership Development Institute. After receiving her A.S. in Culinary Arts in March 2016, Kristine went on to pursue her B.S. in Culinary Arts and graduated in July 2017. Along with being a student and Student Leader, she tutored other students in multiple classes and assisted with the Restaurant Operations classes. Kristine was an active member on campus, participating in various clubs that the College offers, such as the Cheese, Wine, and Book Clubs.

Now a graduate of Walnut Hill College, Kristine plans to continue her studies and aspires to be a chef instructor at an accredited hospitality college or technical high school. She is also a participating member of the Philadelphia Chapter of the American Culinary Federation (ACF). She won two silver medals in the ACF’s student contemporary competition and plans to earn her CEC and CCE certifications through the ACF in the future. Kristine loves to share her knowledge of and passion for food with everyone she meets and always seeks out new avenues to continue cooking and learning.