Kelsey Barker

B.S. in Pastry Arts Candidate, Graduating March 2021

Kelsey grew up in Stillwater, New Jersey with a large, blended family. She learned to cook at a very young age beside her grandmother and mother. The only television she wanted to watch as a child was cooking and baking shows, so she knew from a very young age that food was the career path for her. Kelsey was allowed to watch her family in the kitchen until she was old enough to help and learn the family recipes from many past generations herself. Cooking is the one major thing that brings her family together and has made the best memories she cherishes today. She aspires to create meals for people as if they were her family, because nothing is more satisfying than seeing someone smile out of satisfaction and a full belly. WHC has made Kelsey’s passion for baking and cooking grow immensely, and she hopes to grow better as a chef and also to make others feel as happy as she is sitting around her family dinner table. She graduated with her associate degree in Pastry Arts in July 2019 and is very eager to continue learning every day in the bachelor’s program and for years beyond that.