Joshua Reilly

B.S. in Hotel Management Candidate, Graduating July 2020

Joshua Thomas Reilly hails from the small town of Ambler in the Fort Washington region of Pennsylvania. He started his hospitality journey very early on, working at Wawa as a high school job. Even getting into the industry at a young age, he had no idea it would be what he committed to. Joshua’s first collegiate try was as an Environmental Sciences major, which lasted no more than a year. The following year landed him at the local community college, kind of drifting from class to class more than finding a passion, until he started taking some hospitality courses. According to Joshua, he was hooked: “I will never understand why it took me so long to realize that the industry that I had been working in since my teenage years was my true calling, but I could not be happier that I finally did come to that realization.” The hotel industry specifically spoke to him because of the possibility of travel, as well as the level of intimacy you obtain with your guests. Joshua currently works at Normandy Farm Hotel and Conference Center as a guest services specialist.