The Look, The Resume, and The Interview

Mar 24, 2017Student Leadership Development Institute

By Kristine Alfes and Mark Schostak Well, it’s about that time: growing up. This means there are bills to pay and things to buy, or maybe there is an upcoming date. Regardless, there is one thing holding you back: you don’t have a job! How are you supposed to get […]

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A Home Away From Home

Mar 17, 2017Student Leadership Development Institute

By Kimberly Stefanelli and Tyler Fortna Kimberly Stefanelli Walnut Hill College has become like a second home to me over the past two years. I’m so glad that I chose to get my education in Pastry Arts here, as I could not have picked a better college. My first time […]

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Introducing Dr. Jay Guben

Mar 15, 2017Student Leadership Development Institute

By Kenan Rabah and Cecelia Johnson-Chavis In an effort to learn more about the history of our College, we reached out to President Liberatoscioli. He shared with us some of the College’s many milestones, but what really stood out was the story of Dr. Jay Guben. It is a name […]

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