Revamping the Honor Society at Walnut Hill College

Dec 13, 2016Student Leadership Development Institute

By Greg Hook Starting something new is always exciting €¦and challenging. When I came back to campus for my final year this past September, it €™s always helpful to go to our club fair we hold and find out what €™s happening around campus. It €™s always helpful to go […]

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Getting to know Chef Braley

Dec 06, 2016Student Leadership Development Institute

By Cecelia Johnson-Chavis I have had the pleasure of working with Chef Braley in operations, but I know that there are many students who haven €™t yet crossed his path. As a result, for this month €™s blog, I decided to interview our newest Chef Instructor, Chef Braley. The interview […]

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How to Climb the Ladder of Success: Tips from Walnut Hill College Alumni

Nov 30, 2016Student Leadership Development Institute

By Kevin Ellul If you didn’t know already, the culinary world is fueled with flames, sharp knives, hot kitchens, and tattoos. However, the industry isn’t all about those things; it €™s more relevant to Hospitality- hence, the Hospitality Industry. Chefs, Managers, Bakers, Restauranteurs, and Waitresses and Waiters all take part […]

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