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“Dorm life” is elevated to the status of Residential Learning at Walnut Hill College. That’s because residential life on campus is an interactive learning and living experience. Our Student Affairs staff members are always on hand to assist students with questions and concerns.

The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College’s residence halls far exceed the expectations of a typical college dormitory. Our charming Victorian mansions offer dramatic architectural features such as fireplaces and bay windows overlooking a quiet tree-lined street. Upperclassmen housing is equipped with fabulous kitchens, stylish furniture, and high tech amenities including bedrooms with TV, VCR, and cable television; Walnut Hill’s students consider life on campus a home away from home.

Incoming freshmen choose from several residence halls, including: Bachler Hall, College House, 100 South 42nd, and Perrier Hall, all of which are conveniently located adjacent to the main campus. Upperclassmen have the opportunity to choose from Hunter Hall (apartment style) and our newest building, Esther McManus Hall (suite style).